Welcome to the 1941 Coupe Project


Each thumbnail has a brief description beside it of what is going on.  Click on the picture to enlarge.  Enjoy the progress......

Project Started May 15, 2005......   Due Date: June 1, 2006

Week 1-3, May 15 thru June 5, 2005

The frame of my original coupe was welded to the front half of a sedan frame to make a complete original frame.  This had to be done so that I had something original to start with so that I could get the wheel base correct.

This is the front sub-frame off of a 1971 Chevy nova 2 door.  All it took was cutting the six bolts and the sub-frame dropped right out the bottom.

Another shot of the Nova sub-frame.

This is the shot of the splice between the original coupe frame (right side) and the Sedan frame (left side).  Later pictures will show how the connections are final welded and plated for strength.

The 2 frames are tacked together.

kets is where the tires will sit.  This jig is perfectly square and exact wheel base.

Another shot of the wheel base jig.

This is the Nova front and the 2 piece 41 frame sitting on the jig.  The coupe frame is above the Nova frame so that the lines can be transferred up.

A shot of the body waiting to get worked on.

This is the connection and showing how the 2 frames will line up.

This is the original frame over the Nova sub frame.  They both will be cut and connected just behind the A-arms.

The 2 frames were shortened to a common line.