Welcome to the 1941 Coupe Project

Week 4, June 6 thru 12, 2005

A transfer line was used to get a common cut line.

After the frames were cut, they were placed end to end.  Not too bad at this point.

Another view of the cut frames.

The Coupe frame was notched 12" back from the cut line and bent out to match the Nova frame.

e checking to make sure things are perfectly in line and square.

Once the frames were aligned, the 2 frames are welded together and once again checked for straightness.

This shows the inside of the frames and the notching.

After the frames were welded together, the splices will get deep penetrating welds and filler material will go in the cuts.  Fish-plating will be added to both sides of every splice and on the bottoms.  The top will get welded, ground since it will be in compression.

A view of the frames tack welded together and the jacks removed.