Welcome to the 1941 Coupe Project

Week 5, June 13 thru 19, 2005

The Oldsmobile rear end that I had put in the coupe before had to come out to make room for the 1985 Camaro IROC Z-28 rear end.  This rear end has factory posi, 3.73:1 gears, disk brakes and torsion bars.  Due to the set up that was in the Camaro, I will have to use the torque arm that runs up to the transmission.

Here is the original leaf springs that will come off. hangers and all.

Here is the IROC rear end.  Not much to look at right now, but should be worth the time and effort.

Here is a shot showing the factory disk brakes.

We got the rear end under the frame, and using the jig made out of wood, everything should line up just fine.  Making all the brackets to weld to the frame, the seats for the springs and shock mounts should be fun.  Cardboard templates will be really hands.

Went to BACK TO THE 50's on Saturday.  Saw a bunch of 1948 coupes, but not too many 41's.  The ones I did see weren't worth taking pictures of.  I did stumble upon this one and it had the TPI corvette motor in it with mass air flow.  This is what I will be doing.  I will be making mine sit up a little farther in the engine compartment and wont try to hide so many things.


This is the outside shot of the car.  Nice and simple.  That is how I am going to go.  My kids think that I should make mine have flames like the car below.  I am leaning towards the midnight blue near black look.  See below.

This is the color that I am thinking.  The flames are not bad, but will wait and see what happens.

Here is the IROC motor.  Short block is done.  Will work this week on getting the heads on, and mocked up for its first test fit into the frame.  Time to start setting things together to see how the overall picture is going to work out.