Cub Cadet 782L

Welcome to the 782 with a Johnson Loader

Well, here is how the story goes and I am stickin' to it.  I acquired a 782 with a blown motor thru some horse trading, bought a johnson loader off a Bohlens or Ariens tractor, pulled a 16 horse motor out of a Snapper lawn mower, and had some tires with chains, and some steel laying around - so lets put the stuff together and see what we come up with.

First step was to get the motor in.  Being Cub cadets used the 16 HP Briggs motors in the 582's, it was a relatively simple change out.  The B&S used a grounding kill so just had to hook up a relay to kill the tractor.  The trickiest part was to figure out the wiring for the charging system.  Once I got that running, I had to build a frame to support the loader.  I built it to bolt to the frame and has legs that go back to the rear axle tubes.  Its all made out of 2 1/4 x 1/4 wall tubing.

First test try's


Built quick attach and pallet forks

First test of the quick attach

Upgraded spindles to heavy duty high speed hubs.

New snow plow on a quick attach.

60" snow plow with wings!

The John Deere H3 valve to go on the loader to provide aux. ports on the loader.

Kids playing with the loader and boom attachment.

Upgraded to power steering

Heavy duty reinforced spindle brackets and heavy duty tie rod.

Oops, a break down - exploded the drive shaft.

Hay forks for the larger bucket.

How the hay forks bolt on.

Loading up the grass from the lawn.

My son was cleaning up some snow on the drive way, and its amazing how much that little loader will lift.



Owner, Designer and Paint and Bodywork:  Xtrememotorworks

Detroit Lakes, MN

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