Xtreme Motorworks LLC

Plow Parts

We even have a few parts for the Brinly Plows.

Brinly Style Clevis Plow Yoke

$48 / ea.

    Turns many brand of plows into the brinly sleeve hitch style, or replace your old worn out one. Made from grade 50 steel. 5/8" pin holes. UNPAINTED.

Sleeve Hitch to Brinly Frame Plow Hitch Adaptor

Brinly Plow Cub Cadet    Cub Cadet Brinly Plow Adaptor

$55 / ea.

    Convert your Sleeve Hitch Plow into A 3-Point Plow. UNPAINTED.

3 Point Brinly Style Plow Hitch

Cub Cadet 3 Point Plow Hitch

$155 / ea.

    Brinly Style Hitch for 3 Point Plows. UNPAINTED.

Ground Ripper Teeth

$12 / ea.

    1/4" Steel, Made to weld to a 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" bar. UNPAINTED.